Why We Need to Change Our Mode of Assessment?

- Emergence of new learning culture. Gap between theories underpinning a new learning culture and the tacit theories underlying traditional assessment practices.

- Educational outcomes cannot be translated into objective paper (Stiggins, 1991).

- Wiggins and McTighe – rethinking what assessment and teaching are for, how they can best support learning and what kinds of curriculum goals, coverage and standards they can help fulfill (Hargreaves, 2002).

- Changing perspectives on teaching and learning combined with new demands in society on students’ knowledge and abilities are gradually reshaping learning cultures. Assessment practices must be changed to accommodate new or emergent learning culture (Dysthe, 2004).

-  Assessment in the past has primarily been a means of certification and accountability, a much wider range of purposes of assessment are now advocated. Assessment for learning compared to assessment of learning (Dysthe, 2004).

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