Social Studies Learning & Assessment Objectives


The proposed syllabus is organised around two core ideas – “Being Rooted” and “Living Global”. Through these two ideas, the syllabus aims to develop our students into well-informed, responsible citizens with a sense of national identity and a global perspective.

The aims of the syllabus are to enable students to: 

• Understand issues that affect the socio-economic development, the   governance and the future of  
• Learn from the experiences of other countries to build and sustain a   politically viable, socially cohesive
   and economically vibrant Singapore;
• Develop thinking and process skills which are essential for lifelong and   independent learning;
• Have a deep sense of shared destiny and national identity;
• Develop into citizens who have empathy towards others and will   participate responsibly and sensibly in 
  a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and
  multi-religious society; and
• Develop into responsible citizens with a global perspective.