You get what you assess.
- Educators will teach to tests if the tests matter in their own or their students’loves.

You do not get what you do not assess.
- What does not appear on tests tends to disappear from classrooms in time.

- Build assessments towards which you want educators to teach.

- Assessment must be designed so that when teachers do the natural thing- prepare students to perform well- they will exercise the kinds of abilities and develop the kinds of skills and knowledge that are the real goals of educational reforms (Dysthe, 2004).

- It is possible for an assessment to have both formative and summative aspects, but when the summative aspects are dominant, as they are for instance in most examination papers, formative aspects frequently get ignored. On the other hand, much course work assessment can be both formative and summative (Elton, 1982).

- Different methods suit different candidates better or worse, so that a mix is   fairer than a single method.